Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Princess and the Goblins- Week 6

It's hard to believe that we're six weeks in already. Time has flown by on this project and we've all had a blast working with our talented Chameleons so far! Crazy as it might seem to only have a few weeks left, however, rehearsals must go on- there's a show to be done, after all!

Cast absences meant that yesterday's rehearsal truly was one for the boys! Some may initially think that the absence of Princess Irene would slow us down, but they'd be far from correct! The wonderful thing about this story is that there are lots of characters. Though the narrative may focus on Irene, there are plenty of other things which happen in the Kingdom of Greenhill, and that is what we focused on this week. Not before some games, however!

This week we got the boys to play 'buzzy bees.' It's a classic drama game which featured heavily throughout Jake and Ben's university experience. The group walk around the space and the leader says a letter; everyone needs to then become something beginning with that letter. For instance, if the category was animals and the letter was 'T' then someone might become a turtle. Or if the category was objects and the letter was 'L' someone might become a lamppost. Everyone seemed to engage well with this game and we even had some requests to play it at the end if there was time.

Our intended focus of the week was to get the cast to create their own Merchant character. In the story, Irene and Lottie sneak out of the castle and find themselves in the city's marketplace, where a variety of merchants are selling their wares. Each cast member will have their own merchant for the girls to interact with during this scene in order to make the marketplace feel more alive. We asked the cast to come up with some items that they would like to sell ("what kind of merchant" did they want to be?) and then went around to each of their stalls to investigate. We had a variety of merchants selling things from mince pies, to swords, to Christmas gear and even a plushie salesman.

Once we had the merchants, we moved onto rehearsing more scenes from the play. This week we looked at the introduction of Curly, a local miner's son. We then skipped ahead to one of our later scenes, which features Curly being captured by goblins after overhearing their plans and being taken to their underground kingdom for questioning. The cast worked hard on bringing their characters to life, especially the goblins whom, much like the merchants, are created by the cast- each unique in their own goblin-esque way. The rehearsal came to a close with another round of 'buzzy bees' (by popular demand). Four weeks to go now until the show and we just can't wait!


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