Saturday, 18 November 2017

Peter Pan: Week 9- Pan Vs. Hook!

It's week nine! The show at the Cygnet is just around the corner and things are looking fantastic! We had another wonderful session with the chameleons today as work on the show continued. With more and more costume and props appearing it's looking like the group is almost ready to get on the stage and perform. We still have a few things left to do, however, and this morning it was time to work on some of the unfinished sections of the show.

We started off by making some shapes and stretching. "Why do the shapes all have to move today?" someone asked. The group have been engaging with this physical theatre exercise for nine weeks now and have become very good at it. This week all of the shapes they made had to be done as a group and had to function. They made a crab, a shark, a beaver and the Loch Ness monster. All of which could move and interact with things around them.

Then it was time to dive straight into some scene work! We split the group into two teams. One team worked on the first scene, where the Darling children are introduced and Wendy has the falling out with her father. Plenty of physical theatre in this scene as well in the form of an opening sequence and some slapstick comedy from Mr Darling.

Meanwhile, Peter and Tink worked on their own physical sequence with the shadow. During the sequence the shadow is discovered and is chased all around the bedroom. Today we focused on how we could bring out the comedy in the scene and the results were brilliant. The shadow is hysterical, as are the reactions of the cast and the scene was lovely to watch!

We also did some photographs to use for a poster. It was a little chilly outside but otherwise good fun! Once we had done that the two groups joined back together and watched the scenes that we had been working on.

After that we had the break and the mermaids got the first look at their costumes. The girls have been excited for weeks to see and (I hope) were very impressed! The mermaids look brilliant and we cannot wait to see what the scale sequins look light when the lights are on!

The final scene we worked on was the Skull Rock scene, which we have been building to for a while. This was done in stages. The first stage involved choreographing Peter and Hook's fight. Once the boys had practiced it enough we staged the rest of the scene around it. One of the best parts was undoubtedly Tiger-Lily, who was not impressed at all by Hook's kidnapping efforts and made the scene fantastically funny.

So that's that. A shorter post but we had a real focus on these scenes today! Everyone is looking brilliant in their costumes and the show keeps getting better and better. Not long now until these guys make their debut at the Cygnet theatre. Tickets are available now btw, you can book via our website ( In the meantime; please enjoy more random snaps from this morning and we will see you next week!

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