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The Three Musketeers- Week Six: 'The Musketeer battle, the Cardinal's Plot and the Rescue Plan (a.k.a- The Long One)

A later post today; it took a long time to sort through all the photos and get everything in order after today's session; and what a session it was. Since our rehearsal last week got snowed out we were back this week for a massive four hour rehearsal. That's right FOUR hours! We've never attempted such a big session with the Chameleons before- it was a wild ride. Anyways, four hours, over a hundred and fifty rehearsal photos, an official poster and six new scenes later and here we are. With the performance only two weeks away it was all systems go on the Three Musketeers front.

We kicked things off with a few games; then got into costume and dived straight into it. With the final show getting closer and closer we set to work on some of the scenes that we had yet to stage. The team split up; with one half focusing on the shady meeting between Milady and Rochefort and the other working on the Royal Court scene- where D'Artagnan meets King Louis for the first time.

The court scene is pretty unique in that it's one of the few scenes where nearly all of the cast are on stage together- it's one of the largest scenes in the show- where King Louis must decide whether to arrest the Musketeers for fighting in the streets or set them free. It was great seeing the cast donned up in their costumes for the rehearsal- everyone is looking very stylish.

Next we set to work on one of the biggest fight scenes of the show- where D'Artagnan challenges Athos to a duel- believing him to be the same who robbed him in the Inn- only to wind up in combat with Aramis and Porthos as well. It was quite fight working on this fight, as we got to see all of the moves the cast had learned over the course of the project. The end result looked pretty cool.

For the end of the first half we decided to do a run-through of the play from the very beginning. The cast worked really hard and it shows; they have some very strong scenes with funny moments and brilliant action sequences. We're so proud of all the work that our cast have put in and how far they have come since the start of the project.

After the break we had lunch (with snacks graciously provided by a generous parent) and moved rooms upstairs to continue work. We began by working on the Royal Ball scene, where Rochefort's evil plan springs into action. We got some great moments out of the royal guards who attend the ball and try their best to protect the royals. There was some fantastic dancing and improv from the cast and it really gave the scene something special.

The afternoon rehearsal also gave us a chance to see Constance and Milady together and the relationship that they have. It was sweet watching them care for one another- and wonderful when Constance realises that her boss is actually one of the most evil people in France. Some excellent acting from a couple of our Chameleons really highlighted this as a truly special aspect to the show we hadn't thought about yet.

One of the other great things we had whilst beginning to work on the finale of the show was the Musketeers confrontation with Richelieu. After finally realising his evil plot they end up confronting the King's right hand- at which point he admits to them his real intentions and that he plans to rid France of the Musketeers once and for all. After seeing the Cardinal and the Musketeers only interact briefly until now it was great to watch them exchange words as the latter try to save the King and Queen.

After over three and a half hours of rehearsal we decided to end with a few games. The group had to create the shape of certain objects that link to a given theme. For example; create the shape of something you might find in the kitchen; or make the shape of a superhero. We had some great teamwork from the Chameleons as they made some incredible physical creations using only their bodies.

And so that was that. Four wonderful hours. At the end of it all there were still plenty of smiles and laughter (see above pic for evidence) to go around; so hopefully a sign that everyone enjoyed the day. The cast worked so hard today and we are incredibly proud of all the work they put in. As mentioned earlier- there were a LOT of photos taken today so please enjoy a few that we took of the cast in action. The show isn't far away now and with the reveal of our official poster it truly seems real now. Next week we will be finishing the show and getting final preparations sorted for performance day!
That's all for now!

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