Saturday, 16 June 2018

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz- Week Seven: Attack of the Crows!

Attack of the Clones...I mean crows! This week our amazing Chameleons continued work on their production of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz- with even more costumes, props and madness to add into the mix. As you can likely tell from our countless rehearsal snaps, we're getting closer and closer to the production now and more costume is emerging. This week saw the appearance of a vert shiny Tin Man and a very fluffy Toto alongside our favourite wicked green witch!

Kicking the session off we got our energy going with a quick game of splat and then dived into a shape game. In teams the group were asked to make a new variety of shapes; the topic this week being kitchen and bathroom. Can you make a sink? Or a fridge? Or a microwave (apparently yes, but they all had chicken inside)? The group are getting really good at engaging with these shape games now.

Next we got stuck into some scenes. With our wonderful Scarecrow having recovered we backtracked a bit to Dorothy's first encounter with him in the corn-less fields. Particularly fun was discussing how the Scarecrow should be played. It's fantastic to see the Chameleons coming up with their own ideas for portraying their characters!

So Dorothy and Toto have their first companion. The focus with this scene then was working on the interactions and physicality. Recently we have talked a lot about physicality and how different moods can be portrayed using only body language. It was good to see some of the cast thinking about this and using aspects of physical performance in their work.

Meanwhile, at the Witch's castle, our wonderfully wicked Witch of the West continues to plot against the group. This week we had Elphaba donned up in her signature green and blacks. Again the relationship between the villains of the play is getting stronger and stronger and these scenes are a pleasure to watch. It's a nice opposition to Dorothy's adventure, as the Witch has known her henchmen for years and thus there is more history to build upon there.

Back with Dorothy and we put in the crows, who come and attack her, Toto and the Scarecrow at the end of their encounter. It's great seeing the Chorus adapt to their many roles- their crows are looking fantastic and they are really coming together as a single unit.

Then onto the Tinman; who is the next companion on Dorothy's adventure to join the crew. Though we started work on this scene last week it was great watching the heroes begin to come together, especially since now our Tinman is rocking the silver look. Of course, the Witch's henchmen are never far behind and so it isn't long before the Chorus are needed again- this time as evil trees who come to attack the group.

And so we are a week closer to the show. Next week the group shall finally be arriving in the Emerald City and come face to face with the Wizard of Oz! Puppetry and movement next week so let's hope everyone is ready to get moving! Hopefully even more costumes will emerge...and next week we will be working on the poster as well! Busy times!

We were lucky enough to be able to treat the Chameleons to a special workshop after the usual session today- run by Jesse as part of the skills share for his Arts Award Bronze certification. Jesse delivered a fantastic hour of 'stop-motion,' teaching the Chameleons how to create their own stop-motion film. It was fantastic fun and myself and Miles created a moving video about Edward Redtrousers- a noble lego man and his emotional journey across an orange chair. It was beautiful. Someone call Sundance.

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