Saturday, 1 December 2018

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- Week Eleven: 'The Battle for Narnia.'

A busy penultimate rehearsal with the Chameleons this morning as we finally reached the end of the show and the battle for Narnia took place. With the performance fast approaching our amazing group wrapped up work on the show today- staging an epic conclusion to the story we have been creating. It's been a long term and today was especially challenging for everyone, as the final battle includes the entire cast.

To get everyone warmed up we got the group creating shapes in pairs and as a team. The bulk of today's rehearsal was to stage the final battle, and so we needed everyone ready to move. Over the past ten weeks the Chameleons have really become good at working together to create work. Whilst it may seem repetitive to talk about the game in these posts; the consistency of the group work has helped them bond as a cast. When creating such a diverse and dynamic show as we are, having the cast trust one another is incredibly important. Without that trust there can be no show.

Moving onto the final battle now; we have been preparing for this for some time. The battle marks the biggest that we have staged with the Chameleons; featuring the climactic showdown between Peter, Edmund and the White Witch. Given that it was such a long scene, staging it in parts was the best approach. With a single fight scene, a good deal of practice is required in order to ensure that everything is done safely. This one was long and the rest of the cast were patient as we practiced the moves for it over and over again.

There were several parts of the scene overall. Edmund and the White Witch engage each other first, which is the initial part; followed by Peter's turn to duel her. These first two parts consisted of swords and so require more practice to ensure that all parties felt safe and confident in performing it. Following this we have the appearance of Aslan and the remaining Narnians; each of whom have their own moment to shine. The scene looks good and shows all the work the cast have put into their individual creatures over the past few weeks.

With the battle staged, all that was left was to wrap up the story. Following the defeat of the Witch, the Narrators take us through the remaining events. Whilst notably shorter than the battle, no story would be complete without a good ending. We spent time working on ours, and finally working on the final bow for our Chameleons at the end.

And so, the play is finished! Next week we have our dress rehearsal. That means we will get to see the show for the first time with all of the props and costume that we shall have before the performance at the Cygnet. The cast are excited, we are excited, and now there is nothing to do but practice, practice, practice! On a separate note, the cast are also off to see 'Jack and the Beanstalk' next week as a post-dress rehearsal treat! Very exciting stuff indeed.

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