Sunday, 9 June 2019

Theseus and the Minotaur/ The Odyssey- Week 5: 'The Princess and the Queen/ The Isle of Aeolus.'

FANCY DRESS WEEK! This week we reached the halfway point of the term and so decided to celebrate that (and all of our Chameleon birthdays) with some cake/pringles and having a bit of fancy dress. Rehearsals continued as normal otherwise, with costumes for the show being slowly but steadily introduced.

Hats off to our Chameleons this week. Everyone had fantastic costumes and it made the rehearsal pretty amusing. Among favourites were an American gangster, Lady Gaga and a giant cake. For those wondering, the team dressed up to (we had a knight, a gladiator, Coraline and Ash from Pokemon). The fun costumes paired nicely with the games and activities that we got up to. Team Theseus played 'funny questions' where the group is split in two teams and, one by one, must ask a partner from the opposing team a question. The other person must answer 'sausage' and neither are allowed to laugh. Whomever laughs loses and the other team gets a point.

Team Odyssey, meanwhile, had a different game. It was a variation on 'character, setting, scenario.' One volunteer would enter the circle and be given a character, they were then given a place by the group. A second person then enters and is given a character. The two must then improvise a scene in which the former has to achieve a goal. The final round of this involved most of the group in the circle pretending to be different fruits in the fruit bowl, one of whom was desperate to get out. It was a mad and hilarious scene.

Back with team Theseus and our hero set sail for Crete. We went over some of the scenes from last week now that our cast had returned from half term holidays and then set about looking some new material. The scene focuses on Theseus and the Captain, as they discuss the latter's adventures and gain some insight into life in Crete. This is also where Theseus learns about Ariadne, whom he is destined to meet as the story progresses. A light but important scene.

Likewise, we went back over our cyclops scene (as our cyclops was with us this week). With our full cast present we wrapped up the second part of Odysseus' adventure and moved onto their next trial: the Isle of Aeolus, a land of clouds. A particularly fun scene here as our Chorus get a chance to move weather around and we get to watch Odysseus and crew pretend to be wind.

As mentioned, both groups stopped for an extended break this week allowing for us to celebrate birthdays together, have some down time with the Chameleons and talk to everyone about costumes and the finer workings of a toga (as many had no idea what a toga was). Costumes were tried on, laughs were had and it was a pretty good time. Next week we are back in usual cloths but have some exciting scenes to stage. Theseus' meeting with Ariadne and the house of Circi. Both groups are in for a busy rehearsal for sure! 

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