Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Princess and the Goblins- Week 1

Today we kicked off our brand new Chameleon's Group project! It was fantastic to see everyone, both old faces and new, at the workshop! There were a ton of fun games which featured in today's session, ranging from very intense rounds of 'Wink Murder' to a fantastic bout of 'What are you doing?' a game which involves acting out an action and then giving the next person in the line an action to follow with. There were the usual appearances of such actions as swordfights and animal chases, but the unspoken theme of the week seemed to be 'falling.' Be it falling from a plane, into the ocean or even into a volcano, many of our Chameleon's suggestions involved some manner of descending into various situations.

Once the games were all said and done though it was time to address the story of the term: the tale of Princess Irene and her friends as they uncover a wicked goblin plot. We learned about how Princess Irene spent her days trapped in her castle until her friend helped her sneak out on an adventure and about how she happens upon Curly, the unsuspecting son of a local miner who is about to embark on an epic journey like no other!

In order to teach the story and have a lot of fun, we decided that we would do an acted speed run. While the story was narrated everyone would take turns and act out the characters in the story. Everyone responded well to this and within half an hour were all talking about who their favourite characters were and which they were desperate to play in nine weeks time!

Finally, the group set about reconstructing the start of the story. Working together they created a five minute version of the opening, featuring appearances from Irene, the King, her loyal friend Lottie, her magical old grandmother and a couple of guards who would rather discuss dinner than watch the palace gates for any escapees.

All in all a fantastic start to what we're certain is going to be a wonderful project! Here's to nine more weeks of madness! Bring it on!

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