Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Princess and the Goblins Week 3

Another fantastic week with our talented Chameleons. It was great to see everyone today, especially in light of the tragic events which took place just down the road from the community centre. However, in spite of all that we managed to have a week of fun, and this week we were joined by Mads! It was great to see and work with her again. This week started, as usual, with a round of games. Our regular favourites appeared and everyone had a laugh getting involved. 

The focus of this week though was characters. Last week we created our very own goblins and this week it was time to have a look at the human characters of our tale. How can we use our bodies to create the physical appearance of characters such as miners, servants and guards? We had some great work from everyone in the group and it has given us some ideas for how to portray the characters in the final performance. 

The second half of the session was all about scripts. This week we had prepared two snippets of the final script to play with. Everyone was given a role and in groups brought the scenes to life. The group took well to what we gave them and added their own twists to the mix as well. This resulted in the group giving the characters new depth and playing them in a number of new and brilliant ways. Next week we will have our first look at the script and start work on crafting the group's final performance. Can't wait!

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