Saturday, 3 December 2016

The Princess and the Goblins- Week 8

It's week eight! For seven weeks now the Chameleons have been working hard on bringing Princess Irene's story to the stage. We have seen her escape a castle, explore the city, meet some goblins and even acquire a magic ring, but all of that was leading up to this week: the final showdown between Irene and the dreaded Goblin Queen.

This week was all about action. Almost every Chameleon group show has featured some element of action; Theseus battled the Minotaur, King Arthur fought The Black Knight and then the Dreaded Dragon, and this term is no different. The story of 'The Princess and the Goblins!' features a lot of action and today we worked on staging it. The Chameleons always love when we spend a week working on some stage combat, so today we brought in a few props to help us make this term's battles all the more fun.

We approached the stage combat on this project in the same manner as we have used before. Map out the moves in the fight with the actors before launching into practice. In a similar sense to planning out a dance, it is vital that each move in a scene involving stage combat is planned out so that the actors are safe and the movements look precise. There are two big battles in the show; King George's opening scene and the final duel between Irene and the Goblin Queen. The Chameleons worked very hard and showed a massively professional amount of focus while preparing for both scenes. When the time came to bring them to life, it was wonderful watching the results of all that focus pay on in what were two very entertaining fight scenes.

Once the combat was finished, all that was left to do was wrap it all together. We concluded by practising the final scene between Irene and the Queen and watched as our Narrators brought the story to a close. Having completed work on every scene in the play the time had come to run everything. Starting from the top the Chameleons took to the stage to show the results of their hard work since getting their scripts four weeks ago. This was the first time we had attempted a complete rehearsal of the play but it difficult to tell. The overwhelming effort made by each member of the cast was clear in just how entertaining this rehearsal run was.

And so that's it! The play has been completely staged. The performance is now two weeks away, which is bizarre! This term is going past so quickly; but it's been so much fun and the cast are simply wonderful. Next week we will be having our dress rehearsal, where hopefully the cast will be able to perform a whole run of the play with their costumes and props! Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned!

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