Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Princess and the Goblins- Week 9

That's right! It's so strange to think that we're almost at the end of what has been one of the best projects to date, but alas today was week nine working on 'The Princess and the Goblins!' and the cast finally had their dress rehearsal. Everyone was really excited to have the chance to perform with all their props and costume and it was a fantastic day!

What would a rehearsal be, however, without a few good games? This week we had to keep it short, however there was still time for a quick round of 'Goblin Attack!' and 'Buzzing Bees.' As always the group threw themselves into the games- they're all pros now after practising for nine weeks- and made some excellent shapes for the buzzing bees game (a personal favourite being 'winter wind on a window'). Once the games were over we took the cast through which props were theirs and what the layout of the stage would be. Then, it was time to begin. 

Now, as this week was spent doing the dress rehearsal from that point on, there isn't much else to write about without giving away the many surprises the group have in store for next week, however there is one thing that needs to be said. The run was outstanding. The group have worked so hard and committed so much time and energy to their characters that the show looks brilliant. There were bits where scripts were required or questions asked, but overall the cast managed the dress run in a professional manner that we would never have expected from such a young group- well, if we didn't know them as well as we do. These guys are a brilliant cast, they are supportive of one another and enjoy working together. That is what made 'The Princess and Goblins!' so wonderful to watch today!

So that was that. Once the dress rehearsal had finished we had enough time to give the group some feedback on their performance and talk about the arrangements for next week as we will be in our performance venue. Though it runs the risk of making this post repetitive; it needs to be said once more how fantastic our cast is. We are so proud of all of them for all their hard work. Next week will be the conclusion to this wonderful project and though its going to be sad to see it end, we're certain that its going to be incredible. The end of the day also saw our goodbye to Exeter Community Centre, which has been amazing in supporting our work and providing a safe environment for our youth groups to play and practice. Anyway, onward and upwards. See you after the performance!

The post this week may be short but don't fret! We had plenty of pictures from the dress rehearsal, so feel free to enjoy them in the absence of our usual babble. 

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