Saturday, 13 October 2018

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- Week Four: Lucy looks into a Wardrobe

It's WOW weekend! For those unaware, WOW (the 'Women of the World' festival) is a celebration of women's and girl's achievements, past and present. In recognition of this wonderful festival we wanted to celebrate all of the amazing fierce, funny and fabulous girls and women in our Chameleon cast and team! These girls are incredible and it's through them that one day there will be equality throughout society. They inspire us all.

We got straight into things this week with a favourite acting warm up of ours. 'What's in the box?' is a great game in which the group can ease themselves into acting and warm up their imagination and improvisation skills. The game involves passing around an imaginary box, one by one someone will open the box and take out a item; the rest of the group then has to guess what the item is from the action that person shows. We always have a wide variety of objects that emerge from Amazon Alexas to kittens.

We then played a game of buzzy bees. In this game the group walk around the room and have to become objects from a certain category. In some versions, the leader would say a letter and everyone would have to become a shape beginning with that letter. However, we prefer a more topical approach to see what ideas the group can come up with. The topics this week included what you might find in a lunchbox, a school and a museum. We had some great responses, such as breadcrumbs, angry headteachers and dinosaur skeletons.

We then split the group. One team went with Ben to work on the dialogue for the opening scene of the play. Group two stayed behind to create our opening train sequence- which we had started in week two, but were revisiting now everyone had their characters. Ben's team saw Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund arrive at the train station to be greeted by the mean Mrs Macready. They focused on character here, looking at how they stand and move and talk. In particular, they focused on how to make the housekeeper come across as strict through the use of physical actions, as well s words.

Meanwhile the two Chorus groups were paired up as parents and children. In these pairs they brought to life a train station scene filled with people. Our conductor then emerges to announce that the train is leaving and from there we created a physical theatre sequence to show the children travelling through to the country.

This term we have loads of birthdays; today we celebrated another two! As per usual, we celebrated as a group and there was cake...well, Swiss roll, but that counts, right? The celebration was a much needed break from working on the scenes as we had spent a while working on all the different bits. Plus it's always great when there is cake involved.

To finish we came together again as a group and showed each other what work we had created. The two parts of the scene were put together and the end result was a rather nice looking first scene! It was great seeing the work from both groups come together and we're excited for next week when the adventure through the wardrobe really begins!

Another fun week for everyone; these guys produce some fantastic work and are really beginning to get the hang of working together as a large group. Next week we will be looking at more scenes. The adventure continues!

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