Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- Week Five: 'What Lucy Found There.'

Morning (or evening/lunchtime/whatever time you are reading's currently AM at time of writing)! Apologies for the delay in the blog post this week, yesterday was incredibly busy following the session and there was no time for the usual blog post. IT SHALL NOT BE STOPPED however, so here we are with a slightly delayed look at yesterday's rehearsal with the Chameleons.

Last week we got started on the show. Scene one came together and progressing this week we aimed to look at the next scenes along. It being Saturday morning and half term, we thought it best to open with some games. Nothing too draining this week: some running and some shapes. This week's themes were things you would find in space, at a supermarket and a magic school (but not Hogwarts). With each week the group seems to adapt more to this game and the shapes are getting more and more creative. Favourites this week included goes to the old man on the moon, the 'random' sorting hat and the supermarket sale sign.

Onto the scenes and we are well and truly through the wardrobe this week. We divided the cast to work on multiple scenes at once. One team stayed in the room to work on Lucy's first meeting with the faun Tumnus. What was lovely about watching this scene come together is that the cast have clearly taken the time to read and start learning their scripts and so sprang into action with confidence. The scene is a mix of conversation and physical theatre; the first half of the rehearsal was spent on the former.

When time came for Tumnus to play his flute, the physical theatre madness began. With such a large chorus this term, we wanted to include them in as much of the show as possible. Here Tumnus' lullaby shows Lucy visions of Narnian creatures from the time of summer. The chorus created their own movements to signify what animals they had chosen; such as owls, deer, foxes and tigers. This peace is undermined however as a hooded figure appears and begins turning them to stone. The cast did a fantastic job at creating this scene- it is always wonderful to see them get stuck in and create devised work for the show.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the cast focused on Edmund's meeting with the White Witch. Parallel to Lucy's scene, Edmund's encounter is a very important one, as it is the first time we are introduced to the villain of the story. Again the cast gave loads of ideas for what could go into the scene and made some cool and hilarious character decisions. What was most impressive here was, to hark on about physical theatre some more (we love it), the creation of the sleigh. The chorus worked together to form the creatures which pull the Witch's sleigh; making her entrance all the more grand.

Afterwards we all came back together to run through what we had done and show each other the work we had made. Practising the transitions between the scenes was a large focus of this part, as knowing how one scene changes to the next is equally as important as knowing what happens in the scene itself. The cast worked really hard and the two scene created fit nicely with one another. Success!

The cast worked really hard this week; practising what we had done last week and adding new material on top. We were a few members down again this week but in spite of this the show is looking great. The hard work they are putting in is certainly showing and there will be much more to come next week; where Peter and Susan find out the truth about what is in the wardrobe and Edmund makes a horrible choice. Until then enjoy some of our rehearsal pics (though slightly blurred this week I think due to the lighting of the room).

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