Sunday, 11 November 2018

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- Week Eight: 'The Battle on the Ice.'

Week eight! Things are really speeding up now with our Chameleons and their production. With the final show just a few weeks away we're now moving towards the end of our story; with additional production elements beginning to fall into place. This week, in addition to all of the usual acting and drama work we also did a photoshoot for the poster and programme. Busy times in Thornlea Studio 1 this week indeed.

Multi-tasking is key to getting things done and having fun. As it's not a particular strong point of ours though we decided to divide and conquer. As the group warmed up with a running game led by our wonderful Young Facilitator Ella, we got to work doing individual headshots of the cast for the upcoming programme for the show. Two birds, one stone, some might say.

The scenes this week were particularly fun. On the sibling's side of the story they come to a frozen river which must be crossed if they are to finally reach Aslan. While this particular scene doesn't come from the book-rather from the film-it is pretty cool and we thought it would make a nice inclusion in the show. After thoroughly raiding material stores we located some lovely material which served as our river- then worked on creating a physical sequence where the Pevensie children have to swim for their lives-following a battle between Peter and Maugrim, Captain of the Secret Police.

Alongside the physical sequence we also staged our first fight of the show. A short but fun sequence is all this scene needed, as the true fighting has yet to begin (plenty of that in the coming weeks). Meanwhile the White Witch and Edmund continued on, coming to the now melted river. Once again the Queen sends her wolves after the children. Once the scenes had been staged we shared them back and practiced them; as they contained quite a lot of physical action and dialogue.

After the break the group began to run through the play again. We've really focused on rehearsing each section of the play so that, in a few weeks, the Chameleons all feel confident to perform them on the stage of the Cygnet. Absent from the run were our Aslan and Witch, who stepped out of the run to take part in the photoshoot for the poster.

Let it be said that we are tough but fair (we don't try and be tough, honest). The Chameleons had worked really hard in the rehearsal and, in fact, the rehearsal before as well. It is a mammoth size story and a huge show that we are making and so we decided to give everyone a break and close off with some fun games. Given the option, however, the cast all said that they would happily continue working. These guys are incredible and we are proud of them all. Still, they worked hard and so we played some games to round out the session.

So here we are. The poster has been created. The tickets are on sale. It's really happening! This term is flying past but it's just fantastic to work with a cast who are so in love with the story and so keen to work on it. The show keeps getting better and better and the team is so excited to see it on the stage in a few weeks time. Until then, signing off!

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