Saturday, 17 November 2018

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- Week Nine: 'Peter's First Battle'

We're almost there now. This week saw the Chameleons edge ever closer to the end of the show. It will be a somewhat shorter post this week; as our main focus now is rehearsing the material our cast have created and staging those final few scenes. A quick round of games to get everyone warmed up and then it was straight into action.

At long last, Peter, Susan and Lucy meet the great and mighty Aslan. The cast (one person especially) has been eagerly waiting for the appearance of the lion in rehearsals. We talked about presence for this scene; about how a king might talk and where they might look. How others might react to him too. Aslan's arrival has certainly been long awaited in the story and in our rehearsals. There is little time to bask though, as things move quickly for our characters from this point onwards.

Before the siblings can rest, they are attacked again. This meant another fight scene to stage. Unlike last week- the second battle between Peter and Maugrim is more intense. It meant more actions to learn and more time needed to practice. The boys did a fantastic job with the scene, however, and the fight looks great.

Meanwhile Edmund is still stuck at the Witch's camp with Gimmerbrick and the wolves. Staging this scene was quite fun-as Aslan's forces come to the rescue. There is a lot of comedy within the scene; testament to how diverse a range our brilliant Chameleons can perform. For such a short scene in the script- it has a lot of heart.

Moving swiftly on from there- the events leading up to the finale have been set in motion. Aslan, Lucy and Susan decide to head to the Witch's palace, in order to save their friends and strengthen their army. Creating the palace was fun as the Chameleons got to experiment with different poses that they might be frozen in. The scene also saw the return of Mr Tumnus, whom has been absent since the beginning. Safe at last the army is now ready to face the Witch.   

As I mentioned; a snappier post this week. Next week the battle for Narnia begins as Peter comes face to face with the White Witch. The project feels as though it is flying past now. The cast have done a wonderful job with the show so far and with every passing week we get more and more excited about seeing them perform at the Cygnet next month. Side note; we got a fresh order of Chameleon tops this week and so, as seen above, more of our cast now fly our flag! They look awesome. Until next week then; adios! 

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