Saturday, 24 June 2017

Alice in Wonderland- The Final Chapter

So here we are. Where have the past eight weeks gone? It's been a series of strange but undeniably wonderful rehearsals as the Chameleons prepared their production of 'Alice in Wonderland!' and today saw that production unveil itself to their waiting audience!

Before it all kicked off there was time enough for some final games together. Over the course of the project the Chameleons have all become experts at the games we play and so today we gave them the choice of what they wanted. They opted for shapes and party quirks. We have a number of funny guests (including water and a bee) and some brilliant shapes, such as the creation of a chess game.

Then there was just enough time for a final dress rehearsal with the lights and sounds. The effort everyone had put into learning the play and their characters really showed and it was great to see the show before the audience arrived.

And thus, the hour came. The audience were sat and the show began. We were immensely proud of all the Chameleons. Everyone got up on stage and performed the play they had worked so hard to create. There was laughter, suspense and wonder as the show played out and when the lights finally fell upon Alice's return from Wonderland a well-earned applause could be heard.

There was just enough time to give everyone out their Arts Award, Over the eight weeks the games and activities the Chameleons took part in were recorded in their log books, each contributing to everyone's Arts Award. It was our pleasure to be able to hand these out after the show and give another very well deserved applause.

Overall, it has been an amazing project for us and we have enjoyed every minute of it. Again I must write that we are lucky to have such dedicated and talented young performers working with us and we cannot wait to get the next adventure started! Next up we have a brilliant week-long summer school show at Exeter Phoenix in August: 'A Pirate's Tale' follows the adventures of young Jude who unexpectedly ends up on the quest of a lifetime! Meanwhile the Chameleon group will return with another Saturday project in September. What will that be you ask? We suspect we might know; but will maintain the suspense for now and enjoy what a lovely ride this project has been. Until next time; take care! 

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