Saturday, 17 June 2017

Alice in Wonderland- Week 7

It's incredible to think that we've almost arrived at the end of our fantastic 'Alice in Wonderland!' project! But, unbelievable as it might seem, this morning we had the penultimate session with the Chameleons, which meant it was time for...that's right; the dress rehearsal.

Dress rehearsals are always good fun. It's a chance for the cast (and us) to not only see all of the props and costume in action, but also see the show through for the first time. Sure, in previous weeks we have run scenes together, but today marked the first time we watched the show from the beginning all the way to the end; and it was wonderful!

Before all of that though; there was time for a game of shapes (because what would a rehearsal be without the shape game?). Today we decided to throw some abstract ones at the group, such as creating the elements, water, wind, earth and fire. There was lots of fantastic movement by all and some cool interpretations of all these.

We decided to go a fit more iconic with the latter shapes in today's game, such as create the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Egyptian Pyramids and Big Ben. Once again, working as a team the group were able to come up with some very convincing physical images!

Once everyone was warmed up we had just a couple of bits to work on, such as going back over the puppetry. Practice went well, the cast have become very good at steering and manipulating the puppets for the show and it all looks great!

Then we began. With props, sound and costumes the Chameleons dived into the dress rehearsal for the show. At the risk of spoiling next week's big performance we'll skip ahead to after we finished the run. What we can say without spoiling anything is that it is clear the amount of effort that the Chameleons have all placed into it. We're so proud of each of them and cannot believe how far we've come since first hearing the story seven weeks ago. The cast drive the play. They are fantastic and we are very lucky to have them.

After the dress run was finished we decided to do something fun; a complete speed-run of the play. Speed runs are fantastic; they are almost always hilarious to watch and take part in, and help everyone remember where they come in and leave and what is said during the scene. Within the final ten minutes (that right; we did the whole thing in ten minutes) this went from mad to downright bonkers; characters were dashing in and out, shouting what they were doing and then everyone was in fits of laughter. A fantastic way to end the week.

So we're almost there. Next week will be the final rehearsal for 'Alice in Wonderland!' followed by the actual performance of it. The cast are excited and so are we; it's going to be fantastic and cannot wait to see everyone in action once the audience are sat. Until then enjoy some of the snaps taken from the dress run.

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