Saturday, 10 June 2017

Alice in Wonderland- Week 6

It's hard to believe that we're already in the sixth week of 'Alice in Wonderland!' It's been quite the ride so far and everyone has been working very hard to put the performance together. This week was no exception. With just two weeks until show day the Chameleons were hard at work this morning as we staged the last few scenes and began the final approach.

We played a fun game this week to help everyone think about status and the personalities of their characters. Everyone was given a card which either had the number two or a king on the face of it. Then they had to walk around the room and act like someone who had a matching status; with two being someone who holds a low status (and might be shy, quiet and timid for example) and king being the opposite (someone who might be confident, controlling, with a large personality).

Everyone was then asked to stick a different card on their forehead and walk around the room. They had to guess whether they were a king or a two from the way people treated them.Afterwards to discussed how the activity might link into the characters in the play. What status does Alice have? Does the Cheshire Cat have a low or a high status? What about the Rabbit or the Queen? We also talked about how someone who is a King may not have a high status, or that it is not class that determines it. For instance the Cheshire Cat, we decided, had possibly the highest status in the play, as she is always in control of events and never intimidated.

Next we moved onto the moment we have been waiting for; Alice's meeting with the Queen of Hearts; the notorious ruler famous of taking the heads of her subjects when she doesn't get what she wants. It was fun exploring the dynamic between these two; with Alice being somewhat afraid and confused by the Queen and the Queen of Hearts herself being overbearing, demanding, loud and powerful.

What was also a lot of fun was exploring the Cheshire Cat and the role that she plays in Alice's adventure. Within the show we have two different Cats. One version is acted. The other is the disembodied head which floats around the stage causing mischief. It was brilliant to play with both, switching between the two as the Cheshire Cat plays her tricks on the Queen and causes a lot of trouble for Alice.

We looked at some of the different tricks the Cat could play by switching between puppet and person. It lead to some very funny moments that made everybody laugh. With all of the puppets present in the show it's lovely to see the Chameleons really coming into their own puppeteering each and every one.

So with that the play is finished and now begins the process of final rehearsals before the big show on Saturday 24th June. Time has gone so quickly but it sure has been a lot of fun! Next week we will be attempting to have our dress run of the show! It will be exciting to (hopefully) see everyone in their costumes! Until then! 

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