Saturday, 2 December 2017

Peter Pan- Week 11: The Final Battle

Week 11! The show is almost upon us and today we finally reached the climax of the show! The cast have been working really hard and it's difficult not to admire the sense of achievement felt upon finally reaching the last scene. We jumped straight into the action today, so without further ado let's do the same here...

The final scene is quite a long one, with lots of different bits to it. The first bit involves Captain Hook and the Darling children, and then we have some bits with Peter and Tinkerbell, as she rushes to save him from Hook's dastardly plan. Lots of physical theatre in this bit as Tink relies on her movements to communicate the danger to Peter.

Cut back to the Jolly Roger and we see Hook and the Darlings debating whether or not the children should join his pirate crew. These events lead on further until we finally see Pan and Hook come face to face again one final time. It's been a long time coming but the conflict is finally resolves and the cast were able to stage the return back to London for the close of the play.

Possibly one of the most fun activities this week was figuring out the bow at the end. With everyone at varying heights deciding whether to put arms up or down was quite amusing, since everyone is drastically different. We managed to find a system that worked but there was some rather funny trial and error before we made it.

And then we practiced. It sounds anticlimactic but once we had finished the show it was time to return to the beginning and practice the entire thing. The cast worked well together and pushed themselves hard to get through as much of the show as possible before the session was over. The show is looking good and, seeing them begin to practice it all now; we can't help but feel proud of the bunch of 'em. Next week we have our dress rehearsal and then it's onto the Cygnet for the final show! Short post this week but sometimes that's not a bad thing; we'll save the big ones for the final two weeks.

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