Saturday, 9 December 2017

Peter Pan-Week 12: Dress Rehearsal!!!

This morning we had our twelfth and last fantastic rehearsal with the group this term; and it was finally time for them to have their dress rehearsal. Over the past few weeks we have slowly added more and more costume and props to the show, but this was our first time performing everything in order with everything for the performance.

While there isn't a lot to say without giving the show away before next week's performance at the Cygnet theatre, it's worth mentioning that the cast worked very hard remembering lines and scenes (and there was a lot to remember this time). Their effort has made the show what it is and, above all else, it was obvious to us during the show that they were having fun. Whatever might happen with the show next week, our work is always about allowing these guys to explore the arts in a way that its supportive, safe and that allows them to have fun. Seeing these guys having a blast performing made us very happy.

There is always the risk that when everything finally comes together, panic comes with it. The cast held it together well and though we needed to rework some little bits the rehearsal went smoothly. It was wonderful to have the lights on as well so that we could get an idea of what it might look like before we get to the Cygnet next week.

And so that's us done for rehearsals. This morning marks our last Saturday morning session! Sad as that may be we are excited for the show next week and to see the kids perform their work for their audience. They have worked so hard and deserve every moment of it! Until then enjoy the ton of pics taken from the dress run and we will see you next week for a final roundoff post after the show.

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